Show Me Beautiful is an award-winning Minneapolis fine art boudoir photo studio.
All images and text are the copyrighted work of Jennifer Wheeler.


beauty & boudoir photography

Show Me Beautiful is the beauty/boudoir division of Serendipity Photography, an award-winning Minneapolis area photo studio.
All images and text are the copyrighted work of Jennifer Wheeler.

Show Me Beautiful is the boudoir division of Serendipity Photography, an award-winning Minneapolis photo studio.
All images and text are the copyrighted work of Jennifer Wheeler.


It’s for all of the women who need to see evidence that they are worthy and beautiful, from head to toe.

This is about celebration. 
Anniversaries, promotions, milestone birthdays, weddings, fitness goals. 

Sometimes, it's about healing.
We must eliminate negative self-talk and sometimes...we rebuild self-esteem. 

We work as a team. We. You and me. I can show you what I see, I can show you the very best version of yourself. My lighting and angles will bring out your very best features in a way you can’t even imagine, and I will show you that you ARE photogenic.

This is for all women.

These photographs are not only about your pretty face, or your body; it’s about your spark. I will coach you until I see it in your eyes. I will show you that you are more than your surgery, you are more than your ex-husband led you to believe, you are more than your scars, you are more than your weight gain/loss, you are more than someone’s middle-aged mom, you are more, more, more than the sum of your parts.

Will you let me do that? You belong here. I’ll show you. I’ll show you beautiful.



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Galleries may contain nudity.


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investment and details

Private photo sessions take place in my studio in Excelsior, MN.
You may opt for a simple, one-look shoot, or go for more variety with a full 1.5 hour session.
Finished images are delivered retouched, and most clients choose a collection that includes an album of 10-20 images.

Jen Wheeler picked up a camera in grade school, and proceeded to force her sisters to dress up and model for her "photo studio," which usually consisted of a piece of tagboard taped to a wall. After many years, and after a stint in corporate America, actual clients began to request her portrait services. She specialized in weddings for several years, while nurturing a passion for the one-on-one, fine art nature of boudoir photography. As brides and portrait clients became boudoir clients, Jen realized a desire to shift her specialty to boudoir photography. She launched "Show Me Beautiful," a division of her main studio (Serendipity Photography) in 2005. 

Jen draws inspiration from the curves, light, and shadows found in nature, and from dramatic "Old Hollywood" portraiture. She has a gift for seeing beauty, especially in places where others don't see it. She uses this gift, along with her degree in psychology, to connect with women on a level that goes deeper than just taking photos, with the result being portraits that truly "show you beautiful."

Along with running the photo studio, Jen keeps busy with two kids in middle school, and as many rescued pets as her husband will allow. She enjoys road trips with no destination, painting, cooking, and napping, and bingeing on Netflix.



 "I went into this whole experience feeling pretty nervous (and very excited!)  Jen did an excellent job of explaining the whole process and helped make me feel confident and relaxed as we worked through several poses that were captured beautifully on film, just as she promised they would be!"



 "After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, a chronic and incurable condition, my first response was to feel as though my body had let me down. After more reflection, I realised that my body is in fact my “fellow victim” and partner in coping and living with the disease. I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot as a way to celebrate my body and feel beautiful. The experience was empowering and I’ll always have the photos to remind me of my own strength."





"I picked Jen because I was so impressed by her lighting and shading in her artistic photos...and I was so pleased with my photos. I was made to feel comfortable and received so much imput during the photo session. It was a great experience!"


"My wife hates having her picture taken but I wanted professional maternity shots of her & after much convincing – my wife reluctantly agreed. It was great to see how comfortable my wife was w/Jen. I want to thank you again for a great photo shoot today… Cherie had a great time and she felt 100% comfortable with you guys…. She said she didn’t want the shoot to end."


"I would recommend their services to anyone. It was an adventure that every woman should better way to see your own beauty. They do a wonderful job capturing the essence of you."


"So much fun! It was an experience I will never forget. Thank you Jen and Lexi for helping me capture the beauty and sensuality I had forgotten I possessed. I will definitely be coming back!"


"After dealing with infertility and the invasive treatments that go with it for years, I felt like my body was the enemy, like it didn’t even belong to me. I did a boudoir session with Jen with the intention of surprising my husband with a nice gift. He definitely got a nice gift, but what I never expected was that the experience and the beautiful photographs gave me a gift too. I was so comfortable during my session and looking at those pictures made me feel so beautiful. I hadn’t felt like that in a very long time. It’s was so emotionally healing for me, I will never be able to thank you enough for that."

"Jen was simply amazing!! From pre-booking and all of my questions to post booking with questions prior to the shoot, I was so impressed and more at ease prior to the appointment because of her responses and help. I not only highly recommend Jen, but I WILL be returning – this was quite honestly a turning point for me in my self esteem. Jen is AMAZING!"


"Ladies, this experience is a must. There are many companies that claim to offer this type of photography, but it demands an artistic eye, experience and professionalism that Serendipity has. Serendipity holds beauty and art at the top of their priorities. The full make-up and hair was gorgeous – stunning! And They know all the right “poses” for a beautiful end product.
I highly recommend Serendipity to anyone looking to treat themselves by capturing the beauty that they are."


"Jens work with the camera is so unbelievably stunning.  She captures the sensuality and beauty that all women possess. I never thought I could be so comfortable around people I just met but. She also made proofing so simple and fun. She helped me pick out the photos that best complimented me and my body and that look and side of me I was going for but never thought Id get to see. Ordering was so easy. They do all the work ladies! All you need to do is relax and enjoy your day! Most of all remember to Breathe………. Thank You!"


"I am a very picky person when it comes to photography, I know exactly what I want and how I want each piece to look. After hours of research I decided on Serendipity. From the moment I began communicating with Jen and Lexi until the end of the shoot they were phenomenal. First and foremost they are GOOD HUMAN BEINGS. They both really care about you, your feelings and how you feel you look. Their smiles, laughter and jokes fill the studio and bring warmth to your heart. This creates beautiful pieces of artwork, that you will go proud to go home with."


"Jen: This is J, E’s fiancée. The book of pictures from the photo session E did with you is absolutely stunning. You have managed to perform a feat of real magic – you have made a beautiful woman even lovelier. I thought her photos were incredibly elegant, artistic, and exquisitely erotic. You managed to capture so many facets of her femininity, and still show the fun side of her as well. I love how excited and happy she was about doing the shoot with you, and how pleased she is with the final product it is the most delightful wedding present I could have imagined! Thank you for making her even more beautiful than she already is, and for giving her such a pleasant experience."

e (fiancee)

"I was nervous going into it, as I’m sure many people are. However, within minutes of meeting them I was put at ease. The shoot was filled with laughter and Jen does an amazing job at making women look their best. The final product was stunning! I never thought the pictures would turn out so beautifully. I would highly recommend serendipity photography to anyone! They will truly help you see how beautiful you can be."


"Ever since (H) did her photo shoot last year she has talked about going back and doing another one. She’s always been a person who is very self conscious of her own body and I think the photo shoot was a bit liberating for her, especially once she picked up the photo album you made. Regardless, it has given her a confidence level that she never had before."

Greg (husband)

Clients said...

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What's included in the fee?

It depends on the package. You can download the brochure for specifics. Prints, books, wall art, and image boxes can also be ordered after the session. 

Options include: professional hair and makeup styling, length of shoot time & looks, personal shopping for lingerie, albums, wall art, portfolio boxes, and more.

I’m SO NERVOUS! I’m not sure if I can do this. Can I meet you before deciding?

Yes, of course. EVERYONE is really nervous! It is my job to make you look beautiful, feel comfortable, and have fun by the time the session is over! I offer a personal consultation before your shoot, if desired, so that we are not strangers when the day comes. I offer this consultation at no charge. It’s normal to be nervous. It will pass quickly. You will have a great time. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for you to completely forget your nervousness, and start having a blast. You’ll see. 😉

What are the payment terms?

You pay up front for the package you choose. For this, there are a few options:
1) Visa/Mastercard: My booking page takes most major credit/debit cards, right on the site.
2) Payment plan: You can do a 6 month, no interest / no payment plan through Paypal.

Contracting and payment can be done online. Because I am a small, specialty studio, and I have limited shoot availability, I must have the contract and payment before turning away others for your time. As stated above, I often book 1-2 months out, so please inquire early if you have a gift-giving occasion coming up.

What's your specialty? What sets you apart from all of the other boudoir photographers out there?

I consider my boudoir work to be more fine art-inspired, with a vintage feel. I use a lot of black & white, a lot of directional, moody lighting and natural light. My work tends to be more suggestive than sexual. There is a definite intimate feel to it, but I play more with light, shadow, and curves than overt, full body poses. I celebrate the woman as part of a beautiful creation, and I seek to empower her, even to transform her self image.

I have almost 20 years of experience with this type of photography, and my clients range from early 20’s to about 60 in age, with bodies that have lost and gained weight, bore children, had surgery, and are perfectly imperfect…just like you…and me.

What is the professional styling?

I have a professional hair and makeup artist on site, who can custom tailor your look, for just the right amount of “polish.” She will even out skin tones, bring out the color in your eyes, and contour your best facial features. She will consult with you on your preferences and style. Some clients want glam, some vintage, some natural…most of our clients want to still look like themselves, with a little “pow,” rather than looking like someone else entirely. You choose, it’s your day!

Lashes ARE included!

Do you retouch the photos?

YES. I fully retouch every image you order, including smoothing skin, correcting blemishes and minor flaws, minor body contouring, etc. I do believe there’s such a thing as too much Photoshop, though.  I want you to still look like yourself.

What should I bring?

Once you book, you will receive an app with helpful instructions on what to bring, how to prepare, where to shop, as well as other helpful suggestions.

You provide your own lingerie/outfits, unless you choose the "personal shopping" option, which means that I will buy the lingerie for you to keep. 

There are many suggestions on lingerie and ideas on the app, as well as on my pinterest boards.

How much are your finished products?

They range from $385-1800, generally, but it depends on the size and materials. All albums are custom made. Prints start at $45. Canvas gallery wraps and fine art prints are also popular options. Because of the possibilities for customization, I do not have one printed price list of everything I offer. You can book a package with a book included, or order after the shoot. You will receive our professional help choosing everything, from the best images, to the perfect album cover material.

Will there be other people in the room?
I usually have my (female) makeup artist or assistant help with lighting, move sets, and provide touch-ups, but if you are uncomfortable with that, please let me know.

Can I bring a friend for moral support?
I don’t prohibit this, but I discourage it. In my experience, clients who have a friend in the room always feel and act especially uncomfortable. The presence of the friend seems to make them much more nervous, for some reason.

Will my pictures be online?
I won’t share your identifiable images anywhere (online, in-studio, etc.) without your permission. I do post “weekly teasers” sometimes, that do not show identifying features, on the Serendipity Boudoir FB Page. I never tag my clients in boudoir photos.

Are you willing to photograph me nude?/ Do I have to be nude?

Nude shots are a frequent request. I will only do tasteful and artistic nude photos. You are NOT at all expected to do nude photos. I will not suggest that you disrobe beyond your comfort level. I typically leave it to you to request this if it’s something you want. I

There are samples of my style of nude photography on this website. 

Do digital files come with my shoot?

Ah, the digitals. I DO include the digital copies of my finished products, for archival purposes. These copies are retouched and sized the same as what you ordered (for example, an 8x10 album include the finished, 8x10 digital files.) 

I DO have the option of getting a custom, private app with your ordered image files, as well. It's a fun way for you or your partner to "always have them with you."

I DO NOT release unretouched "proof" files for printing or display. You are commissioning artwork from someone who has a finished vision. My editing is as important to the final product as the shoot itself. 

You may purchase full res digital files without purchasing tangible products, but they are my most expensive product, starting at $150 per image. 

I consider my boudoir work to be more fine art-inspired, with a vintage feel. I use a lot of black & white, a lot of directional, moody lighting and natural light. My work tends to be more suggestive than sexual. There is a definite intimate feel to it, but I play more with light, shadow, and curves than overt, full body poses. I celebrate the woman as part of a beautiful creation, and I seek to empower her, even to transform her self image.
I have about 13 years of experience with this type of photography, and my clients range from early 20’s to about 60 in age, with bodies that have lost and gained weight, bore children, had surgery, and are perfectly imperfect…just like you…and me.

What should I expect at my shoot?

When you arrive, we will go through your styling preferences, and your look will be custom designed for you. My professional hair & makeup artist will tailor your look to your preferences and your best features.

We will go through your wardrobe, and I will help you select the most flattering pieces for your shoot. I will direct your posing, so all you have to do is breathe! You are going to have the BEST time. You may not believe it now, but this is fun!
The shoot takes about an hour to 90 minutes.

We go through the proofs together. I will help you choose the best of the best, and give you my recommendations for how best to enjoy them, whether it be an album, wall art, or a box of matted prints.